Monday, February 20, 2017

There Ought To Be Another Law

To be more specific about the above Subject Line...

There Ought To Be A Law Against Shaving One’s Head

In the old days, we used to see Bald Headed People. We knew they were Bald because they had hair around the sides and back of their heads but no hair in the top of their heads. As they walked by, we used to say to each other or to ourselves, “There goes a Bald Headed Person”.


Life was so simple in the Old Days but in these New Days things are so much more complicated.


I noticed this complication yesterday when I saw a politician on TV who had absolutely no hair on the sides, back or top of his head. I found myself saying to myself, “I wonder if he is bald?”


I have come to understand that, just because he had no hair, does not mean he has no hair. He may have shaved his full head of hair or he may have my Uncle Johnny’s Wide Part but there was no way to know for sure whether or not he had hair because he had no hair.


Politicians are getting more deceptive all the time. We all know and accept the fact that they lie because we see their lips moving but this Hair/No Hair Thing is going too far.


Politicians used to not want us to know they were bald but we could see they were bald because they wore Lying Toupees. We were comfortable with that. We expected that. It was a part of the Fabric of American Politics (whatever that is).


There is one other possibility about all this Balding Deception. It could be that the shavers are trying to trick us into thinking that they Play Basketball in the NBA.


However, there is a flaw in this line of thinking. If they played in the NBA they would be covered with Tattoos but the absence of Tattoos does not mean there are no Tattoos.


I saw one of the more famous NBA players being interviewed. When the lady with the microphone was running out of insightful questions she asked him how he had resisted getting his Wonderful Body Tattooed, like his fellow Wonderful Bodied Superstars were Tattooed.


He put his head down and smiled a bit sheepishly and said he actually had 24 Tattoos but they were where they could not be seen.


This is co confusing. I don’t know what to believe. I’ve always thought that this Blog of mine was read by Millions of People. Could it be that that is not true either?


Would I kid u?