Friday, February 10, 2017

What I Would Like To See And Hear

Here I Go Being Picky Again

This is what I keep seeing and hearing:

Ø Iran keeps shooting off Ballistic-Missiles.

Ø During an interview, an Iranian Spokesman claims that these missiles are not for the purpose of sending nuclear missiles to those places that Iran keeps saying it intends to send nuclear missiles to in order to wipe those places off the face of the Earth.

Ø The Spokesman smiles as he goes on to say that these are peaceful missiles which are intended to be used to put into orbit Weather and Communication Satellites.

Ø The Interviewer appears to be satisfied with that answer, smiles and goes on to another question about a completely different subject.


This is what I would like to see and hear:

The fourth bullet above replaced with this bullet...

Ø The Interviewer says to the Iranian Spokesman, “Mr. Spokesman, if the missile launch was intended for the future insertion of Weather and Communication Satellites, why did you just say the missile failed on re-entry? Weather and Communication Satellites have no need for re-entry. They are supposed to stay up there.”


Would they kid us?



Lagniappe: Now you can see why I was turned down when I applied to be an Interviewer.