Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Yesterday Was A Whirlwind Day!

For those who don’t follow NBA Basketball, you might not know the Golden State Warriors are being touted as one of the greatest teams, if not the greatest team, in the history of the NBA.


For example, Saturday they played a very good Los Angeles Clippers team and won by 46 points. Their 2-Time MVB (last 2 seasons) scored 46 points and he did not play at all in the 4th quarter.


However, the team’s management has decided they need one more piece of the puzzle to win the NBA Championship this year...me.


I was contacted by the team yesterday and told that they wanted me to sign a contract and fly out immediately to join the team for their next game. The amount of money they initially offered me was unbelievably high.


Seeing their desperation, I decided to press for even more money. We negotiated for about 2 hours and they finally agreed to my ridiculous money demands. They complimented me on my negotiating skills and we wrapped up the terms of the contract right there on the phone.


My wife had already started packing my bag with my lucky socks when, almost as an aside, they asked me if I had a beard. I said I did not and they said, “We can’t use you” and hung up the phone.


I just sat there stunned.


Would I kid u?