Sunday, January 29, 2017

I Felt So Sorry For Him

I was walking along minding my own business and then I noticed something. If you are one of my Dear Readers, you already know that I’m a Noticer.


Actually this was a Hit-You-In-The-Face Notice. This college age boy was sitting on the curb with his feet in a muddy gutter crying uncontrollably. He looked so very distraught that I had to stop and see if I could help him.


I knelt down beside him and asked in my most concerned voice, “You look so unhappy. Is there anything I can do for you?”


He did not even look up as he responded, “No, you can’t help me because, with every fiber of my being, I wanted Herman Coznif to be my President and he only got one vote and that was my vote! This means he did not even vote for himself.”


He went on, “I don’t know how I will be able to go on not seeing him on the news shows every day making legendary and inspiring speeches, hearing him being quoted about and seeing him sign Executive Orders”.


Try as I might, and I tried my best, I could not console him. I decided I would have to leave him in his miserable state and I got up to walk away. I took a few steps and turned back and asked him, “How many Participation Trophies do you have?”


He answered back, “73. Why do you ask?”


Would I kid u?