Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Question Is...Are You Done Yet?...Or Is It Have You Started Yet?

Let’s go back again to that fancy hotel I went to last month.


There I was eating my breakfast and minding my own business and I started Noticing...

Ø This 20s Something Father came back from the Breakfast Buffet Line with a plate of food that caught my Noticing Mechanism’s attention.

Ø What I noticed was the fact that Modern Father had a real big pile of food on his plate.

Ø Low & Behold (we used to say “Low & Behold” a lot when I was 20s Something Father’s age), he put his plate in front of his 6 Year-Old Son.

Ø He then went back to the Breakfast Buffet and shortly returned with a plate of food that was about the same size as his 6 Year-Old Son’s.

Ø While he was gone his 6 Year-Old Son paid hardly any attention to his Really Big Pile of Food but he devoted almost all his attention toward playing with his Action Figure.

Ø During the course of their meal 6 Year-Old Son played with his action figure, moved his pile of food around a bit and took a few nibbles every so often (actually he seemed to specialize more in the “So” than “Often”).


I have included a picture the 6 Year-Old’s Food Plate. You might have trouble discerning whether it is a Before or After Picture but I’ll give you a hint.


It is an After Picture. If you look closely, you can tell it is an After Picture because a nibble or two has been taken here and there.


Actually the Nibbles are not all Nibbles. Some of them are places where 6 Year-Old Child smashed his Action Figure head first into his food after it had leaped off the napkin holder.




Would I kid u?