Thursday, January 12, 2017

Time’s Magazine’s Brilliant People & Their Not So Brilliant Plan Of Action

I have not bought a Time Magazine in decades. I’m not sure how long it was since I bought one but I think the price was somewhere around $.50. Based on what I paid for the one I just bought, it will probably be the last one I ever buy.


I paid $6.99. When the clerk told me the price I said, “No, I don’t want a six-pack. I just want one”.


I became curious about what would make those Brilliant People at Time Magazine think they could charge $6.99 for their magazine. You know what happens when I get curious.


You guessed it. I put on my Potted Plant Outfit and drove to Time’s Headquarters in New York City and slithered my way into their board meeting. What I found out was these brilliant people who run Time Magazine are not too smart.


Here is their plan for the future...

Ø They are going to continue to raise the price of their magazine.

Ø They are planning to go after a smaller market of very rich people.

Ø I actually heard one of them say, “Once we get the price up to $1,000,000 an issue we will have it made”.

Ø They have figured out they will only need to sell 10 issues per publication at $1,000,000 and they will be in able to make an excellent profit that will generate very nice bonuses into the foreseeable future.


Actually, as illogical as this thinking is, I see another major problem on the horizon for Time Magazine.


In my $6.99 issue I read a story about the recent Presidential Election that contained this quote from a Hillary Clinton supporter, “I thought, when Hillary becomes President, girls will be treated better. Boys wouldn’t boss them around anymore.”


I will not get into any commentary about whether or not there is any basis in fact about why this would be true or not. I would like to make you aware that this quote came from a 10 Year Old Girl.


Does Time Magazine really think it can get us to spend somewhere between $6.99 to $1,000,000 an issue by interviewing 10 Year Old Children?


Would I kid u?