Saturday, January 07, 2017

No Dogs Allowed...Or Are They?

No Dogs Allowed Signs were once all over the Good Ole USofA. Now anyone who would dare hang up such a sign will probably find their business picketed within hours and sued before that day is out.


My wife and I just got back from a 53rd Anniversary 3 night stay at a Very Fancy Hotel. We were conspicuous by our presence. The other guests seemed to know that we did not belong. They kept giving us a wide berth as we walked down the halls, stared at us in disbelief as we approached and, on one occasion, a terrified guest actually turned and run in the opposite direction.


OK, I admit I exaggerated in the above paragraph...Or did I?


Again I know what you are thinking. You are certain this hotel is one place where dogs are not allowed...Or are they?


Actually there were dogs all over this fancy hotel. The rooms in which the dogs stayed had special door knob hanger signs which read, “Pet In Residence”.


In the old days a dog owner, upon checking into a motel, would be required by Motel Law to announce that he had a dog in the car and the counter agent would show him and his dog to the kennels out back.


The next morning when he went to get his dog, Fido’s eyes were as big as quarters and he was more overjoyed than usual to see his owner.


As your daughter carried Fido to the car she just might say, “Daddy, Fido feels like he gained weight”. And you would respond, “That’s his new fleas”.


Those days are gone. Now the dogs of the Good Ole USofA are not only welcomed and catered to in Fancy Hotels where our presence is suspect but they are “In Residence”.


Would I kid u?