Thursday, July 06, 2017

New Bell At Mass

As we are going into Mass each week, I have started hearing a new bell ring. Being sly, cunning and alert I have figured it out.


It’s all a part of the changing times we all enjoy in the Good Ole USofA…Or do we? No matter what your religion, if you go to church, you will very likely hear this new bell in the near future. It’s a Sign Sound of the Times.


Here is what it’s all about…

Ø It is a single bell chime.

Ø It happens 5 minutes before mass starts.

Ø Right after the bell tolls, you will hear car doors open and close all over the parking lot and you will see the car’s occupants start walking towards the church.


Have you figured it out yet?


It’s a notification to all of the parishioners who have been sitting in their cars Texting, Tweeting (Twits), Emailing (my children tell me that my grandchildren think emailing is old fashioned) and/or doing some other kind of Social Networking up until the very last minute before they head into Church to try and save their souls.


I wonder if, when they are asking forgiveness for their sins at the beginning of mass, they include Texting, Tweeting, Emailing and/or doing some other kind of Social Networking up until the very last minute.


If it’s not a sin, it ought to be.


Would I kid u?



Anonymous said...

Sunday I was almost broad-sided by a young woman who was driving while holding her smart phone right up in front of her face and didn't see the stop sign.... she missed me by mere inches!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning: I am not sure but then I am occupied with trying not to do the old sins and I guess if it was a new sin they would have sent out an email on it. I am sure my grandchildren think I am a relic as I do have a cell phone but only use it to receive and send calls. They and some others do send texts but I don’t text back-I call. It is amazing how they all can spend so much time on it but then we could drink and smoke earlier and only thought about sex not about communication unless it pertain to that.