Monday, December 26, 2016

Fake News Is In The News

They (whoever “they” are) are all talking about Fake News. It’s one of those things that you hear about for the first time one day and then, every time you turn around, you are hearing about it again from some other direction. With regard to this Fake News avalanche, I even stopped turning around and the onslaught did not slow down one bit.

This started me thinking about how I could use this to my own advantage. Like a bolt from the blue it came to me how I might dramatically increase sales for my little-read book. I am now on the verge of putting out onto the Internet such juicy Fake News items as these...

Ø Because of its delightful play on words and the exquisite nifty humor that can be found in almost every paragraph of Foolishness...Or Is It?, this once obscure little book has started flying off the shelves in book stores nationwide. Better get yours while supply lasts.

Ø Yesterday the late Albert Einstein walked into the offices of the New York Times and asked to be interviewed about an, up until now, little-read book entitled Foolishness...Or Is It?. He explained that, when he was alive, he had a problem of not being able to relax which usually caused him to not being able to communicate his ideas clearly. He said that’s why it was so hard for others to understand his theories. If he had been able to relax with this wonderful book, he would not have become so uptight and frustrated with those around him who kept looking at him with those confused looks on their faces. He said those confused looks haunt him to this very day.

Ø About to be Ex-President Obama, has bought 25 copies of the Smartfella’s book Foolishness...Or Is It?. When questioned by reporters as to why he had bought so many, the White House Press Secretary explained that he wanted to have one for each of the 22 bathrooms in his new Washington D.C., his new Rancho Mirage and his Magnum P.I. Hawaiian homes, all of which he is in the process of buying. A reporter pressed about why he needed the extra 3 books (everyone knows these 3 homes only have a total of 22 bathrooms). Josh Earnest looked at the reporter with distain as he responded, “Of course, he needs to have one on the bed side table in each home so he can relax with them before he goes to sleep”.


What do you think about my plan? Use Comments at the bottom of this Blog Posting to give me some encouragement to go ahead and do this because I’ve never used Fake News before.


On second thought, ForgetAboutIt. Everyone else is using Fake News, so why not me too? By the time you get your comments posted, I will already have sent out my Fake News Stories and will be already reaping the Real Rewards.


Would I kid u?