Sunday, December 18, 2016

I Had The Craziest Dream Last Night

I dreamed that I was a successful entrepreneur in the Good Ole USofA.  

I was well respected in my community. I employed many heads of families. They all loved me for what I am doing, had done, and, apparently, will continue to do for Fellow Man into the foreseeable future.


To those of you who are Politically Correct, please don’t comment on this Blog Posting and tell me I should have said “Fellow Person” instead of “Fellow Man”. Leave me be. I’m busy creating silliness here!


Then the unbelievable happened. One day a representative of our Federal Government from the Department of National Confusion came to see me.


I was immediately nervous and in short order I found out that I had something to be nervous about.


He used about 7,000 words he explained to me what he could have explained to me in about 27 words and, when he had finished, I realized that I was in deep trouble!


It seems that my Federal Government had found out about a new policy I had instituted in my company last week. I was surprised that he had found out about my new policy and, since I know all facets of the Federal Government are Transparent, I came right out and asked how he had found out and he just smiled at me. This made me feel even more uneasy.


He then laid out what he had uncovered about my newly instituted policy in minute detail. After he finished, I summoned up the courage to ask, “Well, what’s wrong with that?”


He did not smile this time as he leaned across my desk and looked right into my disbelieving eyes and very slowly said, “By law you cannot do that because it makes too much sense to do that and, if you do not rescind what you have done, don’t think for minute that we will not know that you have continued on this logical course of action and, don’t think for another minute that there will not be consequences for you, your family and your taxes.” (They always speak in long sentences.)


And then he was gone. Actually he went away so fast I don’t think he left through the door to my office. He just went POOF and a lingering mist drifted toward my sweating brow.


A cold chill continued to sweep across me. For awhile I was in quandary about how to reverse my just-announce new policy but all is now well. I googled “Federal Government r Us” and found a pamphlet entitled, “How to Reverse Brilliant Productive Policies in 63 Confusing Convoluted and Hard to Implement Steps”.


Oh well, at least I now have a Confusing Convoluted and Hard to Implement way out of my predicament and I will never see that guy in my office again...Or will I?


Thank heaven this was only a dream and this has never happened to anyone in the Good Ole USofA...Or was it?...Or has it not?


Would I kid u?