Sunday, December 04, 2016

We Have A Desperate Need In The Good Ole USofA To Crank Up Our Impeachment Mechanism

There you go jumping to false conclusions again. You are thinking I am talking about The President of the United States. I am not. I am referring to the well established mechanism we have in place to impeach Cabinet Officers and Agency Heads...Or do we have? 

Actually, the talked about impeachment that is the “inspiration” for this commentary is that of our current Director of The IRS.


The last impeachment of a Cabinet Officer or Agency Head was War Secretary William Belknap in 1876. Can you imagine how many times a Cabinet Officer or an Agency Head has done something worthy of impeachment in the last 140 years? If they were geese, their group would referred to as a gaggle.


It is hard to imagine the size of that gaggle. When I started to really think about the number of Snidely Whiplashes that might have been deserving of being ridden out of town on a rail it frightened me and I decided to think about something else (I’m sure glad it is Football Season).


Before I switched to football, I did do some research and came up with many deserving candidates. One of the more interesting ones was Peter Fernerk who was caught sneaking out of Fort Knox with 7 bars of gold stuffed inside his left shoe.


Our Judicial System is so tangled up with itself that it would not surprise any of us if his lawyer, Snidely Whiplash’s brother-in-law, defended him with likes of...

Ø He did not stuff those gold bars in his shoe.

Ø He was unaware that they were stuffed in his shoe because he has had a bad limp since he was in the 4th grade and he thought the limp he was limping was caused by his limp.

Ø Even though he did not stuff them in his shoe he is sorry he stuffed them in his shoe.

Ø He had an abusive father.

Ø He has children to support and they would miss him if he had to go to jail for stealing the gold which he did not steal.


Come to think of it, our IRS is held in such low esteem by the folks back home (us), each of our IRS Commissioners probably ought to have Impeachment Process put into motion within 24 hours of being appointed IRS Commissioner.


I heard you. You just said to yourself, that the above paragraph is silly. Stop and think about it a moment and you just might find yourself saying to yourself...Or is it?


Would I kid u?