Sunday, November 13, 2016

Did You Forget Something?


I can only assume that this sign on the front door of my local Walmart is necessary because children have been forgotten by bargain hungry shoppers dashing into the store.


When I saw the sign I turned around and headed back into the parking lot to see if there were any little head sticking out of car windows gasping for air. They were all over the lot!


I started stopping the fleeing parents and, with my Smartphone in hand, began recording interviews with them. People today love to be interviewed. Everyone I approached stopped and submitted to an interview (after brushing their hair with their hands and straightening the holes in the knee cap area of their jeans).


I asked each one of them the same question, “Do you know you are leaving your children in your car?” Here are the most common responses I got...

Ø What children?

Ø I know it is not right to leave them like that but Walmart is having a One Day Sale and last time they ran out of what I wanted to buy before I got to the bargain rack. I blamed the children for slowing me down. One wanted to get in the shopping cart and the other wanted to get out of the shopping cart. By the time I got that straightened out, it was too late. All the bargains had been lapped up by parents who had left their children in their cars.

Ø Why are you attacking me? They will be fine. It’s not like I was leaving my dog in my car. I would never leave my dog in my car.


OK, I admit I made all of this up (except for the sign)...Or did I?


Would I kid u?