Thursday, November 10, 2016

Aw, Come On, Man!

Don’t get mad at me because I peck out the name “Bernie Sanders”.

If you dislike Bernie, don’t worry this Blog Posting does not praise him. If you like Bernie, don’t worry this Blog Posting does not criticize him.

No, this Blog Posting is a shout out at the News Media of every ilk (I just love using the word “ilk”) Liberal or Conservative that will not leave me (us) alone for even a short period of time.


Today I am at the High School Track trying to keep my heart from attacking me and my phone interrupts my heavy breathing with a News Alert to tell me that Bernie Sanders will not rule out a run for the Presidency of the Good Ole USofA in 2020.


Aw, Come On, World! Leave us alone for a little while! It has only been 2 days since the culmination of the harangue you have been dumping on us for the last year and a half! There must be something else you can find to talk about!


Oops! The late Walter Cronkite just came into my computer cave and started verbally attacking me saying I was an awful person because I did not want to be kept informed. He had me on the ropes for a bit but I gathered myself and told him, “Aw, come on, Walter, enough is enough! I am tired of all things election related. Leave me alone!”


That being said, the Most Trusted Ghost in the World disappeared in a puff of smoke and I do not expect to see him again...Or will I?


Would I kid u?




Some Synonyms for the word “Harangue”… Tirade, Diatribe, Lecture, Polemic, Rant, Fulmination, Broadside, Attack or Onslaught.

Yes, my dear reader, the last year and a half was all of these!