Wednesday, November 09, 2016

I Was Once Naïve

I used to think that politicians only attacked and obstructed when an election was coming close. The rest of the time they worked together to get things done for the benefit of the Good Ole USofA. Not anymore am I so naïve. 

The first time I remember having my Let’s All Get Along Bubble popped was the 2002 Mid-Term Elections. Normally the sitting president loses seats in Congress for the Mid-Terms. In 2002 that did not happen and Bush gained 2 Seats in the Senate and 8 Seats in the House.


The day after the election Bush was attacked as harshly as if the election was the coming up the next day.


Let’s keep our fingers crossed this time. For the good of our country, here’s hoping our elected members of Congress make nice with each other for a little while.


Would I kid u?