Monday, September 12, 2016

Here I Go Noticing Again

The other day I used my Noticing Skills while one of the Presidential Candidates was at a podium making a speech. What did I Notice? I’m so glad you asked.

It was not the candidate that caught my attention but the people who were standing behind the candidate (there are almost always people standing behind speaking politicians nowadays). I Noticed that most of them were all taking pictures of the candidate with their cell phones.


Did I just hear you say that taking pictures of candidates is nothing unusual and I am wasting a Fella Noticed Commentary on this one?

Actually I am not wasting my time. Did you not take note of where the behind people were? That’s right they were behind the candidate. That means they were feverously taking picture of the back of the head of the candidate.


There are lots of things wrong with us and this is not earthshaking but it is silly.


This is the kind of thing we need to nip in the bud before it grows into something sillier.

Next thing you know we will be responding to requests for a Photo ID by whipping out our Drivers License with a picture of the back of our heads on it.


OK, I got carried away again...Or did I?


Would I kid u?