Tuesday, August 30, 2016

What Does Acting Have To Do With It?

I just knew Hollywood was behind all this trouble we are having in the Good Ole USofA!

It happens almost every night on the Nightly News. The Talking Heads are Talking Their Collective Heads about some people who are involved in something really bad/evil/not nice and one of them says something like, “It seems there are several Bad Actors involved here”.


Where did this “Bad Actors” phrase come from? Personally, I think it shows signs of coming from the same people who gave us, “Happy Campers”. I never did figure out where that one came from.


I think our 9% Approval Rating Congress ought to get involved. They could pass a 1% National Sales Tax to pay for Acting Lessons for up and coming Hollywood Bad Actors in order to improve their acting skills. If they were Better Actors, they would stay employed out in La-La Land and not venture out into the real world where they muck up things for the rest of us.


I know you are thinking that a 1% National Sales Tax would generate a lot more money than what is needed for acting lessons. I have an answer for that also. They could use the left over $2.7 Billion to reimburse the Highway Trust Fund from which they keep borrowing money for other “more worthwhile” uses like Buying Votes.


Oh, My Gosh! Could it be that I am getting cynical or is it I am just being observant?


Would I kid u?