Thursday, June 30, 2016

He Won’t Be With Us For Very Much Longer But He Looks So Healthy!

I am on the way back from a trip to Park City, Utah. If you have a friend living in Park City, Utah and he invites you to come out for a visit you should jump at the chance. I drove out there and it was 1,871 miles but it was worth every mile.

I visited with 2 Medical Evacuation Pilots who served with me in Vietnam in 1965. It was special! Old friends are the best kind of friends and the older we get the better they get.

However, I am worried about our host. One night he came out of his bedroom wearing his 1965 Dress Blue Army Uniform. This was both Surprising and Sad...
· The Surprising Part was that It Still Fit Perfectly.
· The Sad Part was It Still Fit Perfectly.

I got to thinking that for it to Fit Perfectly he must be sick. He must be on the way out. He must be heading for the last roundup. He must be wasting away. He must have some dire debilitating disease. Putting that uniform for us must have been on his bucket list. The more I thought about it, the sadder I got.

On the other hand my trim friend plays a lot of tennis, does a lot of skiing, he eats a very healthy diet, does not drink alcohol and the week before my arrival he road in a bicycle journey all up and down the entire state of Colorado.

Maybe there is hope for him. Maybe he is not sick. Maybe he is gonna make it after all.

It just might be that all that exercise and proper diet are the reasons why his 1965 Dress Blue Army Uniform still Fits Perfectly!

Would I kid u?

Lagniappe: I have no idea when my Dress Blue Uniform disappeared from my closet but I’m really glad it did. It would be really discouraging if, when I got back from my 3,742 mile trip, I got curious enough to go try it on.