Sunday, June 26, 2016

Some Things Never Change

Some things in life can be depended upon to never change...

Ø The Rock of Gibraltar

Ø Water Flows Down Hill

Ø Death

Ø Taxes

Ø Tattoos Are Ugly On Young Bodies & Are Going To Be Uglier When those Young Bodies Get To Be An Old Bodies


There is another Never Gonna Change Fact we hear every day on the Nightly News...There are 11 Million Illegal Aliens in the Good Ole USofA.


Every day more Illegal Aliens come into our country but the total number in our country never changes. It is always 11 Million.


Think about this Silliness. It is absolutely true. We have been told that there are 11 Million Illegal Aliens in the Good Ole USofA for about 20 years now. Why does it never change? Is it because...

Ø We are being lied to?

Ø Have they (whoever they are) decided that We Can’t Handle the Truth? If that is the case, why does Jack Nicholson not come right out & tell us?

Ø They think we are stupid?


I found this Silliness & I lay it out for you to decide whether it is Foolishness.


Would I kid u?