Sunday, June 12, 2016

How Would You Feel If You Woke Up One Day & Found Out You Were Dead?

Excerpts from an article that reported on this happening...

Ø The Department of Veterans Affairs has mistakenly declared thousands of veterans to be deceased and canceled their benefits over the past five years.

Ø The VA has made the error more than 4,000 times over a half-decade because of employee mistakes or erroneous cross-checking of data by the department’s computers.

Ø The VA has changed its procedures to address the issue, but it isn’t yet clear whether the new system is working. 

Ø For veterans, the mistake can be devastating, as benefits checks can suddenly stop showing up. 

Ø “Generally, I just don’t think people understand how bad it could be. It could be one day you’ve got a house, and the next you don’t,” said a Navy Veteran whose benefits were cut off last year. He was able to have his benefits restored initially, but a few months later, he was again cut off. 

Ø The former boat crewman became well-known locally for a few days, thanks to television and newspaper coverage the first time around. “I walked into the sandwich shop, and they were like, ‘Hey, it’s the dead guy!’”


He is ahead of the game...He has been declared alive 3 times (counting when he was born) & only dead 2 times.


I find the next statement unbelievable... The department doesn't keep records of the causes behind such errors.


The VA has an awful problem that is devastating to the Veterans they were created to serve & they do not keep track of the causes that resulted in the problem? Operating in this manner, how can they ever fix the problem?


Would I kid u?



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Lagniappe #2: Sign over the Reception Counter at my local VA…

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Does this fill you with confidence?