Thursday, June 09, 2016

As Forrest Gump Said...Stupid Is Stupid

Another one of those Must Read articles in my newspaper tells me about a man in India who would make Forrest Gump roll over in his grave, even though he never was alive or dead.

Why am I being so bold as to say that a 73 Year Old Indian Man I never met is 3 Beers Short of a 6 Pack? Here is the evidence of his Silly Guinness Book of World Records records. Come to your own conclusions...

Ø For starters he is obsessed with setting records in Guinness Book of World Records.

Ø He has added 366 Tattoos of Flags to his body to get him over the 500 Tattoo record.

Ø All his teeth have been removed so he could put nearly 496 Drinking Straws.

Ø The removal of his teeth also allowed him to put more than 50 Burning Candles in his mouth.

Ø He first got into the Guinness Book of World Records in 1990 when, with 2 friends, rode a Scooter for 1,001 hours.

Ø He once delivered a pizza from New Delhi to San Francisco.

Ø He gulped a bottle of tomato ketchup in less than four minutes.

Ø He is now getting images of global leaders tattooed on his body to add to images of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, United States' president Barack Obama, Britain's Queen Elizabeth and Mahatma Gandhi, the leader of India's independence movement.


Not to be undone, his 80 year old wife holds a 1991 record for writing the world's shortest will: "All to Son".


Even though he has covered himself in all this “glory”, he seems to have turned off his wife. She has said she is definitely against having another baby.


There you go again thinking to yourself that I made all this up. You should know by now that I did not make these things up because when I make things up they are hard to believe.


Would I kid u?