Sunday, May 22, 2016

How Much Work Is No Work?

It seems there is a Law/Regulation/Or Something Or Other that says that actions taken by a President within 60 Congressional Work Days of leaving office can be Negated/Reversed/Or Some Such Thing by the new President.

The current administration is working very hard to get all they want done outside of this 60 Day Deadline. They are really in a panic!


Since you are sly, cunning & alert you are saying to yourself, “Why the panic? The President does not leave office till January 20, 2017. There is lots of time to get done what they want to get done. November 21, 2016 is a long ways away.”


Actually there is hardly any time left. The Key Words are “Congressional Work Days”. 60 Congressional Work Days is not November 21, 2016. Because our 9% Approval Rating Congress hardly ever works, 60 Congressional Work Days is tomorrow, May 23, 2016.


Are you upset? Are you outraged? Are you about to email your Duly Elected & demand that they get to work?


Not me. Can you imagine how much damage they could do if they worked hard?


Would I kid u?