Monday, May 09, 2016

In Congress They Refer To Each Other As “Honorable”

We see them all the time in the news. They are up on stages making speeches & accepting awards. They are always waving at us as if they know us. When they shake our hands, we are certain that they know us.

The “they” referred to above are our Elected Politicians (aka: Rulers). Everyone knows they are dishonest. Heck, one is even named Swindle. Another is named, Flake. The third's given name has long been forgotten by his minions. They just call him, "Dat Crook".


My newspaper insists on referring to Swindle, Flake & Dat Crook as, "Dignitaries".


I’m going to Google the definition of the word, "Dignitary". I must have it mixed up with some other word.


Would I kid u?