Monday, April 18, 2016

When You Are Out Of The News You Are Out Of The News

Remember Ross Perot? He’s still around but he’s not news anymore.

What does one do to get into the news? All too many of the people we are interested in get our attention because they did something that we would not be proud of if we did what they did.

Henry Ross Perot disappeared from most of our lives after he ran & lost as the Reform Party Candidate for president in 1996. Thankfully he did not disappear from everyone’s lives.

He & his Reform Party lost the election but there are very few of us that would not agree that our Political Parties could use some Reforming.

Honors (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Bet ya can’t name one Celebrity, Sports “Hero” or Politician appearing in our TV Boxes every night that has a Dinosaur Genus named after him.


Would I kid u?