Friday, March 18, 2016

Now We Are Really In Trouble!

This Is an Announcement to the World

(Or, more accurately stated, this is an announcement to that .000000000000000000000000000000000001% of the world that reads my Blog Postings.)

In the past I have published at least 2 Blog Postings about the silliness of the Eye Witness Testimony of Eye Witnesses. The point was made that Eye Witness Testimony is unbelievably unreliable. That point is absolutely true but now I find out that the World is taking what I say seriously & overreacting.

I just read where one of our major universities has a group of their smart people who call themselves “Wrongful Convictions Proponents”. They are against eyewitnesses and I pray that my past blog postings were not basis for their wrongheaded (whatever that means) convictions. Here is a quote from one of their spokesmen...

“Eyewitness testimony is horribly inaccurate – even under the best of circumstances. We should never depend on eyewitness testimony in death penalty cases.”

Ah come on! I was only writing a blog. It’s about foolishness. Sometimes what I write is about Foolishness & sometimes what I write is Foolishness. Often time I can’t tell which it is. The World should not take the “...Or Is It?” part so seriously!

The above spokesman said above, “Horribly Inaccurate” and “Never Depend On” that’s pretty strong positions to take. Does this mean that if...

Ø If a bad guy walks into a well lit liquor store.

Ø If the bad guy has a big gun in his hand when he walks in.

Ø If the bad guy announces to the about to be dead cashier, “I am going to kill you deader than a doornail” and then proceeds to make the about to be dead cashier dead.

Ø If the bad guy says and does this in the presence of five wide-eyed eyewitnesses.

Ø If the bad guy still has his name badge on from the Piggly Wiggly which plainly reads, “Hi there! My name is Peter Fernerk. How can I help you today?”

If all of the above happens, is the judge going to throw this case out of his court because there were too many eyewitnesses who saw too much?

What’s next? Are we going to throw the eyewitnesses in jail because they are known to be “horribly inaccurate”?

This is terrible! I am truly sorry but I never thought anyone was going to pay this much attention to me!

Would I kid u?