Friday, March 11, 2016

This Is Quite Embarrassing But In A Week The Folks Back Home Will Have Forgotten All About How Stupid We Were

The Presidential Campaign Frenzy is in such a Hysterical Unmitigated State of Chaotic Consternation that the Main Stream Media could very well overlook some very important news items about which we really would normally be very interested.

This Could Not Happen...Or Could it?

Imagine this...A joint communication has just been issued by all news organizations that make up what we consider to be the Main Stream Media in the Good Ole USofA:


“We are very embarrassed to report that our Unending Ongoing Continuing 24/7 Coverage of the current Presidential Campaign has caused us to leave unreported a major news story on the West Coast of the United States.


It seems we missed out on reporting that two days ago there was a devastating earthquake in the Los Angeles Basin which has resulted in 75% of the City of Los Angeles falling off into the Pacific Ocean. There are few survivors & really not even that much floating debris to show you.


We certainly understand how many of you are finding it hard to believe that we could have made this error but, in our own defense, the last two days have really been quite extraordinary out on the campaign trail.


Several of the candidates have really gotten nasty when referring to their opponents &, from past experience, we are keenly aware how the American News Watching Public enjoy every tantalizing word of such tirades.


Actually, on second thought, we are taking back all of our apologetic words above. We have collectively come to the realization that America would have been much more condemning of us if we had neglected to keep it appraised about every tantalizing happening taking place in this historic election.


Besides by the time we had gotten the news reports about Los Angeles sliding into the ocean to you, it had already slid & it was all gone. There is nothing that any of us could have gone to stop it & the campaign is just getting hotter day after day.”


Would I kid u?


Lagniappe: Hopefully this blog posting is one day late. The GOP debate was civil last night. I did not watch all of it (I usually do not watch all of any of them) but what I saw was civil & the Wall Street Journal this morning confirms that it was very toned down. In the past I have turned them off because there was too much consternation. Is it possible that last night I turned it off because there was not enough consternation? Sarcastic smile