Friday, February 26, 2016

“Must Read” Newspaper Articles...Again

In the past I have directed my Silliness at the Foolishness practiced by my local newspaper of labeling at least one article in every issue as Must Read.
I really don’t have time to read everything but I am concerned that these Must Read Articles might be a requirement of a Federal Law. If that be the case, I am fearful that I might get sent to jail because, don’t tell anyone, I do not read every one of them.
The Headline for a recent Must Read Article was:
Monkey Cannot Own Copyright to ‘Selfie’, U.S. Judge Says
Thank heaven there is a least one judge still left in the Good Ole USofA who has Ole Fashioned Common Sense. If you don’t recognize the term “Common Sense”, Google It!.
Here are excerpts from the article...
Ø A rare crested macaque that took a now internationally famous "selfie" cannot own the copyright to the photograph because he is not human, a U.S. judge ruled in a suit brought by animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals on behalf of the monkey.
Ø PETA brought the case in September on behalf of the seven-year-old monkey Naruto against British photographer David Slater, who self-published the photo in a wildlife book.
Ø Naruto, who resides on a reserve in Indonesia, took the image and several others in 2011 using a camera left unattended by Slater, the suit said.
Ø PETA argued he should be declared owner of the photos and receive damages for copyright infringement that would be used for habitat preservation.
Ø PETA General Counsel Jeff Kerr told Reuters that the group is reviewing its legal options.
Ø "Although we are disappointed, we are celebrating the fact that this is a historic case," he said. "For the first time we are arguing that an animal can own property, rather than merely being a piece of property himself."
My only disappointment in this judge is he processed the case through his court using proper judicial procedures. My regret is that he did not say, “Get the hell out of my courtroom!” as soon as he realized what was being presented before him.
Would I kid u?
Lagniappe: Not only does this judge have Common Sense but the way he plays with words brings a tear to my word loving heart. He said in his court papers, “Monkey see, monkey sue is not good law”.