Sunday, February 21, 2016

Cuban Cigars In The 7 Eleven

As a loyal reader of my Foolishness you are aware that I do not single out the Silliness of only one political party. Why should I? There is enough ongoing Silliness in both parties to continue to cause me to run to my computer saying to myself, “I can’t believe what I just read! I got to create a Foolishness...Or Is It to get this silliness out to my Dear Readers! They are going to love this one!”

As proof of my bipartisanship, think back to the number of times I even mention a politician by name (except for Senators Foghorn Leghorn, Dudley Doo Right or Snidley Whiplash). I am going to do it again. I am not going to mention names in this posting but I am aware that, after you finish reading it, you may think I mentioned a name because the nameless person I don’t mention is pretty obvious.

My Unnamed Politician has been pushing Cuba & everything Cuban for more than a year now. He is making it look so good that many of our fellow citizens are selling everything they own in this country & moving to the Cuban Paradise 90 miles south of us.

In some people’s minds there is finally the opportunity to go lie on a beach & get a suntan. They are so wrapped up in everything Cuban that they have completely forgotten that we have beaches in the Good Ole USofA.

No matter how much you are a supporter of my Unnamed Politician, all of you ought to agree that he is about to go too far with the Executive Order (did I just give away his identity?) he is about to announce.

My sources in D.C. have obtained a copy of the Executive Order & you are about to be among the first to read it...

“My Fellow Americans, I am pleased to announce to you today a sweeping dictate that I am certain will be greeted with enthusiasm all over the Fruited Plain. It is not often that I get the pleasure to announce something that is entirely without controversy & will have full support from both side of the aisle & all of the folks back home.

Effective immediately, if anyone in the Good Ole USofA wants to leave this country to go on vacation, I am directing that the only place they can go to is Cuba.”

Now who could argue with that?

Would I kid u?