Saturday, February 06, 2016

London...Paris...Rome...Des Moines

Have I Become Too Cynical…Or Is It I Can See The Obvious?

Just last week the Candidates were saying the likes of...

  • I just love Iowa!
  • There are no finer people in the Good Ole USofA than the fine people in the great state of Iowa!
  • I just love hogs!
  • Ethanol is one of the greatest gifts to come out of the Chemical Industry!
  • A Hawkeye has always been my favorite mascot!
  • The people of Iowa always make me feel welcome when I come here. As I’ve always said, “Iowans Ames to Please!”
  • God bless the great state of Iowa!

Yesterday all candidates taht are still in the race were asked if they enjoyed their time in Iowa. Each of them said some or all of the following...

  • Iowa? ... Iowa? ... I’m drawing a blank. Give me a hint. It’s been a long campaign.
  • Would you repeat the question?
  • There you go again with your Gotcha Questions.
  • Just a moment. Let me check my Smartphone Calendar. Ah, yes, I found it. It says I’m scheduled to return to Iowa (wherever that is) on January 27, 2019.

Would I kid u?