Friday, February 05, 2016

It Is An Open Secret That The Secret Ballot Is No Secret

It has happened again. I was listening to my radio which is hot to the touch this morning because it won’t stop reporting to me all the important & unimportant information we got out of the Iowa Caucuses & are getting out of the New Hampshire Primary.

Several weeks back I blogged about how the Media attacks anyone who becomes a Front Runner. That Blog Posting was inspired by the brief emergence of Ben Carson as Front Runner. He was certainly made short work of.

Well it’s happing again. This time we have two new poor souls who have dared try & jump up to Front Runner. They are Cruz who was #1 in Iowa & Rubio who was #3 in Iowa.

Rubio rose so fast that the Media has decided to get ahead of the game in case he keeps on keeping on & gets to be #1. It’s called in Media Circles a Preemptive Strike.

The latest hot issue is the Media’s concern that Marko Rubio may have an unseen advantage. Many in the Good Ole USofA are jumping on the Rubio Bandwagon because they still feel badly because our only Irish President was assassinated. They are anxious to vote for another Irish President & they think Marco Rubio is Irish because they think his name is Mark O’Rubio.


You do remember that I am a Noticer. Here is what I just noticed about what my radio was just shouting at me about. A Talking Head said the following, “We have to go through the voting data & find out why people voted the way they voted”.

How is that possible? It is a Secret Ballot, is it not? We can only know how many voted for this candidate & how many for that candidate but we ought not to be able to know as much detail as the pollsters say they know about the voters.

Two Past Blogs...

Exit Polling

I could understand...

  • 55% say they voted for this guy.
  • 45% say they voted for that guy.

It is the specific, exacting and minute detail that I don't understand...

  • 42% of the white voters, who went to two years of college, who were left-handed carpenters, voted for this guy.
  • 63% of fallen-away Catholics, who have been married three times, where the first and third marriages were to the same person, voted for that guy.
  • 54% of those who voted in the 1992 election, but did not vote in the 1996, nor the 2000 election, but returned to the voting booth in the 2004, 2008 & 2012 elections, voted for this guy.

Oh well, so much for Secret Balloting.

Would I kid u?


My Fondest Wish

There is no way to fully unite a country as large as the United States but my fondest wish would be that all of us refuse to answer any questions from any political pollster about anything political. This would drive the politicians absolutely nuts. Think of the positive results that would come out of an I-Ain't-Gonna-Tell-You-Anything America...

It would prevent politicians from tweaking their latest campaign pitch to address how the public reacted to their prior campaign pitch.

They would be forced to tell us what they really plan to do when elected, instead of telling us what they think we want them to do when elected.

It would drive the politicians absolutely nuts.

They would be forced to think out their positions and stick with them and hope for the best.

It would put every polling company out of business.

It would drive the politicians absolutely nuts.

One final tirade ... The silliest one is when we are told the results of a poll done by a Democratic or a Republican Pollster. It is strange how the "results" always come out favoring their party's positions. I guess I could be made to believe the poll did come out in favor of their party's positions but, you will never get me to believe, that any poll that did not favor their party's positions was just not published at all. It's sort of like them saying, "We are going to keep polling the American People until the American People get it right."

Would I kid u?