Wednesday, April 27, 2016

U.S. Congress To The Folks Back Home: We Agree This Is A Very Important Issue. That’s Why We Held A Hearing.

Our 11% Approval Rated Congress thinks holding a Hearing is Doing Something About Something. This video calls that idea into question...

Would I kid u?


Monday, April 25, 2016

Presidential Election Polls Then & Now

When our Founding Fathers were still upright Ye Ole Pollster asked this question...

For Which Candidate Are Ye Going To Cast Your Ballot?

In this year’s election cycle the Pollsters are asking this question...


Which Candidate Will You Not Vote For Under Any Circumstances?


Would I kid u?


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Don’t You Dare Stick That Big Thing In Me!

Today I experienced my latest in a series of Colonoscopies. I am a record keeper. Before I finish this blog I could go into my file cabinet and give you an exact number of Colonoscopies I have been subjected to but I won’t do that because you don’t really care how many I have been subjected to. Let me just say I have had my fair share of these undignified intrusions.
While I was waiting 6 hours (actually it was 15 minutes but it seemed like 6 hours) wearing that little gown that ties in the back in that little room where they leave you to wait and think about what is about to happen to you, these kinds of thoughts were running through my terrified mind...
Ø How many more of these am I going to be subjected to before I die?
Ø Any number I came up with was that number too many.
Ø Is there a better way?
Ø Maybe I could get some of those people whose lives I saved in Vietnam in my Medical Evacuation Helicopter to take my Colonoscopies for me. They seemed pretty grateful at the time.
Ø As my mind raced with ever increasing fear, I even found myself thinking that by the next time I am due for a Colonoscopy they (whoever they are) will have invented an Colonoscopy App and all I will have to do is tap the appropriate App on my Smartphone and I would be done before I knew I had been done.
All of you reading this Foolishness are smart because, if you were not smart, you would not be reading my blog are probably thinking something along these lines... Why is The Fella so panic stricken? He has already said he has had this done many times. He ought to be used to it.
My dear readers, this time was different because of something that happened in the big outside waiting room before they put me into that little waiting room where I had my panic attack. I am here to tell you, It Was Terrifying!
I was in the waiting room with about 12 other people who were waiting to get their colonoscopies done. We were all just staring, pecking at our Smartphones, reading magazines, etc. and then it happened!
In walked a man in coveralls from a Roto-Rooter Company. He was carrying a long metal probe, with a long goose neck on the front of the long metal probe that looked to be another 6 feet long and it was curled up folded back & he was holding it in the hand that was holding the long metal probe and there was a large hand crank on the back.
Everyone in the room followed his every step with their eyes. Some smiled nervously and some looked downright scared.
He disappeared into the back offices. The same offices we soon would enter when we heard our names called.
Now do you know why I was terrified in my little room in my little gown that tied in the back for those 15 minutes and why it seemed like 6 hours?
Would I kid u?
Lagniappe: Well, at least they did not end up using that Big Long Roto-Rooter Thing on me. On the other hand, I was asleep. Which makes one ask the question...Or did they?

Monday, April 18, 2016

When You Are Out Of The News You Are Out Of The News

Remember Ross Perot? He’s still around but he’s not news anymore.

What does one do to get into the news? All too many of the people we are interested in get our attention because they did something that we would not be proud of if we did what they did.

Henry Ross Perot disappeared from most of our lives after he ran & lost as the Reform Party Candidate for president in 1996. Thankfully he did not disappear from everyone’s lives.

He & his Reform Party lost the election but there are very few of us that would not agree that our Political Parties could use some Reforming.

Honors (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Bet ya can’t name one Celebrity, Sports “Hero” or Politician appearing in our TV Boxes every night that has a Dinosaur Genus named after him.


Would I kid u?


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

All Politics Are Local

If saying something over & over makes the something said fact, then the Subject of this posting must be true because we have all heard All Politics Are Local said over & over.

I will give you proof of something I heard said over & over in 1992...

Ø 1992 was a Presidential Election Year.

Ø It was the year that Clinton (the Bill), Bush (the H.W.) & Perot (the Non Politician Outsider) all ran for President of the Good Ole USofA.

Ø That was also the year my wife & I went to London.

Ø Before we left on our trip, I heard over & over the Recession we were suffering through called, “The George Bush Recession”.

I was comfortable with the Recession being called, George Bush’s Recession because he was the President & we all know that Presidents are responsible for everything bad that happens to us. Besides, I had heard that it was George Bush’s Recession so often, it must have been true... Or was it?

When we were unpacking in our room London hotel room, I had the TV on to the Local News. What came out of that TV made me drop my socks. The Talking Head called the current English recession John Major’s Recession. (John Major was the British Prime Minister at that time).

Have I made my point?

Would I kid u?