Thursday, December 10, 2015

Is The Fella Smarter Than Many State Governors?

This commentary is not about Muslims or Syrian Refugees or Immigration Policy. It is about Common Sense. Do you remember Common Sense?

The Federal Government plans to bring in 10,000 Syrian Refugees into the Good Ole USofA. Many State Governors are taking a Firm Stand against any of the 10,000 coming into their particular states.

As you well know, the Fella is an expert on Silly. I am thinking that the Firm Standing Governors are being a bit Silly. To take meaningful action the Governors need to go one step further by demanding that the Federal Government ensure that, no matter what state the Refugees are brought into, their shoes are taken away from them before they enter the Country. 

Am I wrong in thinking that, once the Refugees are inside the Good Ole USofA, they can walk to any of 49 Continental States? If they were brought in without shoes, the Firm Standing Governors constituents would be safe...Or would they be?

I must be wrong again. Certainly these duly elected public servants (whatever that means) are smarter than the Fella & have thought about this possibility...Or are they?...Or have they?

Would I kid u?