Sunday, November 15, 2015

I Can’t Believe What That Talking Head Just Said To Me Through My TV

This is not a quote but it went something like this... It is a shame that this country, with all its wealth, does nothing for the poor.

I have heard in the past that there are 82 Federal Programs that are intended to help the poor. I did some research & could not find a link to 82 Federal Programs but I stumbled upon a listing of Aid Programs in the State of Rhode Island.

As further explanation, I added small print to those programs where the name gave little or no hint as to what the program actually does...

Ø Child Care Subsidy Program

Ø Head Start

Ø Early Head Start

Ø Supplemental Nutrition Program

Ø Summer Food Service Program

Ø Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women Infants and Children

Ø Other Food Assistance...Meal Sites & Food Pantries around the state.

Ø Free/Reduced Meals

Ø Dental Care

Ø Emergency Medical Assistance...Individuals that meet the eligibility criteria for one of the Medical Assistance Programs (seniors, people with disabilities, children and parents) but who are ineligible for benefits because of immigrant status (including undocumented individuals,

Ø Free Clinics

Ø General Public Assistance Medical... Provides limited medical coverage to individuals who are disabled longer than 30 days and unable to work. 

Ø Hospital Free Care

Ø Katie Beckett Program... Provides medical coverage through the Medical Assistance Program to children with serious disabilities so they can live with their parents instead of in an institution.

Ø Medical Assistance for Women with Breast or Cervical Cancer

Ø Medicare Premium Payment Programs

Ø Community Health Centers

Ø Medicaid - Adults 65+ and people with disabilities

Ø RIte Care/RIte Share... For families with low income, all family members may be eligible for RIte Care/Rite Share (Medicaid).  For families with moderate income, children will be eligible for Rite Care and the parent(s) may be able to enroll in coverage through HealthSource RI and receive federal and state assistance to help buy a commercial health insurance plan.  Similarly, pregnant women may be eligible for Rite Care/RIte Share if income is within the limits or for help purchasing commercial coverage.

Ø RI Pharmaceutical Assistance for Elderly Program

Ø Hospital-based Primary Care

Ø Community Mental Health Centers

Ø Other Health Coverage... residents who are not eligible for other health insurance can purchase family or individual health and/or dental coverage directly from Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI).

Ø Prescription Assistance

Ø Medicaid - Adults 19-64

Ø HealthSource RI... Affordable Health Coverage Property Tax Relief Circuit Breaker Program.

Ø Rental Assistance

Ø Emergency Shelters

Ø Child Care Tax Credit

Ø Child Support

Ø Child Tax Credit

Ø Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)

Ø General Public Assistance (GPA)... Time-limited cash assistance to individuals who are disabled.

Ø Rhode Island Works Program... Cash assistance to families with children up to age 18 and work readiness services for enrolled parents.

Ø Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Ø Unemployment Insurance

Ø Temporary Caregiver Insurance Program (TCI)

Ø Temporary Disability Insurance Program (TDI)

Ø Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

Ø Telephone Assistance Lifeline Program

Up until I researched for this blog posting, I did not realize that Nothing could be So Many.

Would I kid u?