Wednesday, November 04, 2015

It’s Not That I Don’t Trust My Fellow Man, It’s Just That My Fellow Man Keeps Stealing Things From Me

Call me a Wide Eyed Optimist but here is how I think Government Ought To Function...

  • The Taxpaying Public demands that our Federal Government install Bird Houses in at least one tree in front of every house in the Good Ole USofA.
  • Our elected leaders hear the united voice of the voting public & it passes legislation to bring this very worthy project to fruition.
  • The legislation contains a tax to accumulate the funds necessary to make the Birds Need Housing Too Initiative a reality.
  • Once the Birdie Funds start accumulating inside their “Lock Box”, our elected leaders take the money out of the “Lock Box” & use it to replace deceased Cherry Blossom Trees on the mall in Washington D.C.

The Fella is here to say that he is outraged by this film flam of passing legislation to tax us for some worthwhile goal & then taking the funds & using them for something else. Sadly the Fella must acknowledge that he appears to be the only one who is outraged.

I can see you out there saying to your collective selves: “Bird Houses, Cherry Blossom Trees & Lock Boxes…Why am I reading this Foolishness?”

Here is why...Senator Foghorn Leghorn recently stood up in Congress & said, “We must take action! The Birdie Fund has been depleted! We must raise the Birdie Tax in order to replenish the monies for this very worthwhile project!”

I again can see what you are thinking. You are thinking this is silly. You are thinking this does not happen. Try this does not happen on for size...

The Highway Trust Fund’s Intended Purpose is Highway Construction & Maintenance

The Highway Trust Funds are fed by a state & federal taxes on gasoline.

My newspaper tells me…

  • Texas spends 25% of its fuel-tax revenue on Education Programs.
  • Kansas has allocated some of its gas-tax revenue to pay for Medicaid and Schools.
  • Washington State estimates it will spend 70% of the fuel-tax revenue during the next decade on paying off State Issued Bonds.

“Intended Purpose”... We fall for that one every time.

Would I kid u?


Lagniappe: Attention everyone who lives in California. State Gas Taxes range from 71.3 cents a gallon in California to 12.4 cents a gallon in Alaska. When the Fella lived in California he read a lot of articles about the thousands of people & businesses that were moving out of California every year. The Fella’s advice to all Californians is...You better get out of there.