Friday, October 16, 2015

Why Are All These People Here?

I just got back from The Beach. During October it is a nice place to go to get away from people because it is not the busy season, schools are in session, it is not cold yet & the beaches are darn near empty...Or are they?

That’s the way it used to be anyway. This year was different. This time there were families everywhere. They were all over my beach. They all had rented bicycles & were rolling all over everywhere that was not a beach. All of them were carrying cell phones & way too many of them had tattoos.

Every time I asked anyone why there were so many people I was told the same thing... “It’s Fall Break”. When I would reply, “Fall Break, I never heard of such a thing”, I was looked at like I was stupid. For a smart fella, I sure get looked at like I am stupid a lot.

It was at this point that I was glad I had room in my car to pack my Potted Plant Outfit. I put it on & started to mingle with the multitude. They did not pay any attention to this potted plant bouncing up to them because they were too busy paying attention to their cell phones.

I started asking the teenagers questions & the far greater majority of them gave these answers...

  • When was the Vietnam War fought?... Answer: That’s a tough one but I am fairly certain it was during the 1800’s.
  • How many stars are there on that American Flag waving on that pole over there?... Is that what that is? I really can’t answer this question because it is waving too fast & I can’t count them. (Credit for this silliness goes to Jay Leno’s Jaywalking bit.)
  • Who was John Wayne?... I don’t have a clue. Oh, wait a second! Is that that really cute guy on Dancing with the Starts?

Let’s get back to Fall Break. While I was Plant Eavesdropping I heard one teen say, “I sure needed this break! I’ve been in school since mid August. This is the first week of October. That’s a long time! I can’t wait till Thanksgiving Break. Then it’s going to be tough sledding to get to Christmas Break (actually she said Holiday Break). And I can’t wait till Spring Break (she did not say Easter Break). This year I am going to Bambini. The only problem is Spring Break is only 7 days long. My parents have agreed that it is too short & have told me to take a couple of extra days. Don’t you think there ought to be a Break between Holiday Break & Spring Break? I sure do!”

I usually come back from The Beach refreshed & energized. This time I came back feeling like a balloon that had just been pinned.

Would I kid u?