Saturday, September 26, 2015

This One Is Serious & Very Disturbing Stuff


A one-time respected oncologist was caught lying to patients about their health, telling some who did not have cancer that they did have cancer in order to give them unnecessary chemotherapy treatment so he could bill Medicare for the procedures.

In other cases, he lied to those with cancer that they were getting better, when in fact their tumors were growing. All the while, the doctor ordered unusually large and dangerous amounts of chemo for these individuals.

Nearly two years after his arrest, he was sentenced to 45 years in federal prison for violating more than 550 patients' trust and raking in more than $17 million from fraudulent billings.

The “good” doctor openly wept in court as he apologized for his actions, admitted to fraudulently billing Medicare, insurance companies and at least 550 patients through misdiagnoses, overtreatment and under treatment.

In some cases, he gave nearly four times the recommended dosage amount of aggressive cancer drugs; in at least one, a patient was given toxic chemotherapy for five years when the standard treatment was six months.

A chemotherapy nurse who blew the whistle to State (Michigan) authorities said she went to his office for a job interview in 2010. When she saw patients getting chemotherapy in a manner that wasn't correct she said, "I left after an hour and half. I thought this is insane”.

That same day she wrote a letter to the State and suggested they investigate him. The State notified her in 2011 that they had found no wrongdoing. She was elated when she learned the Federal Government charged him in August 2013.

What Took So Long?...

  • He started his scheme in 2009.
  • The whistle blower blew her whistle in 2010.
  • He was arrested in August 2013.
  • His scheme continued into 2014.

It’s not possible that he continued his scheme after he was arrested (arrested August 2013 but still scheming in 2014)...Or is it?

Our crack Judicial System would not allow that to happen…Or would it?

Do you feel sorry for the “Good” Doctor? In court he said he was sorry & his attorney said he is lonely while incarcerated. Now I bet you feel sorry for him...Or do you?

Would I kid u?