Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Most Powerful Tool For Change In the World Today

We see it on TV every week. Demonstrators are out in the streets. They are shaking their collective fists at the cameras. The anger is there. The sincerity is evident. Most of the signs are professionally done. The signs that are handwritten usually have misspelled words on them. The chants are catchy. The number of protestors is sufficient to convey the message that their cause is important & change is coming.

I dressed myself up as a Potted Plant & went out to mingle in one of these Demonstrations.


What I found out about the Protestors themselves was very interesting...

Ø Strangely enough, when I interviewed them, they did not for a second seem confused that the questions were coming to them from a Potted Plant. They were very cooperative & answered all my questions readily.

Ø When I got into specifics of what or who they were protesting, they had little knowledge about what or who they were protesting.

Ø One of them laughed as he told me that often they get mixed up & find themselves chanting the catchy slogan from the prior day’s Demonstration.

Ø The Protesters were a close knit group who knew each other very well because they travel together from Demonstration to Demonstration.

Ø There did appear to be growing discontent among many of them about their work schedule. Several said that they took on this “job” because the pay was good & they expected they would have a lot of time off between engagements, however, in recent years they are being called upon more often. Many said they are missing out on a lot of Succor Practices & are finding it difficult to keep up with Emailing, Text Messaging, SnapChating, What’sAppsing, Instagraming, Twittering & Linkdedining. (It made me a little sad that not one of them mentioned falling behind in their reading of Foolishness...Or Is It?)


I then turned to the Protestor-In-Chief & asked him about the number of protestors that was necessary to get the attention of the country...

Ø He said with 26 protestors he could alter the course of history.

Ø Any more than that would increase his overhead expenses to the point where he might have difficulty keeping up with the payments on his Villa in the South of France & his Estate off the coast of Naples, Italy.

Ø He pointed out that the News Media was very cooperative & (after a small payment to the cameraman) he could be assured of tight shots of his demonstrations so anything more that 26 were not going to make the Nightly News anyway.


Having gathered enough information I unzipped my Potted Plant Outfit, exposing myself as me. I told him I intended to reveal to the Good Ole USofA all what I had found out about how insincere, manipulative, money grubbing & phony his organization truly was.


He chuckled & dismissed my threat with a wave of his hand as he told me... “You are new at this aren’t ya, Fella. I am not concerned in the least about this exposure that has you so excited. Don’t you know it is Football Season? No one is going to pay the least bit of attention to you.”


Would I kid u?