Monday, September 14, 2015

We Are Determined To Protect Endangered Species But We Also Are Determined To See To It That Extinct Species Remain Extinct

I got your attention with the Subject above, did I not? Actually I am going to stop pecking on this Blog Posting for awhile while I try & figure out what that Subject means.

Pause Pause Pause

I’m back. I’m glad I took that little break because I now can plainly see that the confusion of the above Subject makes perfect sense, if you are in England.

Here is the story…

When beavers surfaced in the River Otter, Mark Owen smelled a rat because it had been centuries since wild beavers plied the region.

In recent years, any local beavers were kept as curiosities or for research, living behind electric fences.


“Nobody, as far as I know, has reported that they’ve lost beavers,” says Mr. Owen, freshwater director of England’s Angling Trust, a sport fishing advocacy group that wants the rodents removed because U.K. law prohibits introduction into the wild of any animal that doesn’t already live there, even if it once did once live there.

There it is! There is the proof that the Subject of this Foolishness...Or Is It is not Foolishness. It’s this simple...

If it lives here, it must continue to live here but, if it does not live here, even if it once did live here, it can’t be allowed to live here again because it does not live here now.

I’m sure glad these English Uncommon Laws do not apply to Blogs. I might get caught by a law that says...

If you published three blogs is a row that were not funny, you are prohibited from publishing any blogs in the future that are funny because you have forfeited your right to be funny by not being consistently funny.

In other words, my funniness would forever be extinct.

Would I kid u?