Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The Most Elusive Thing In The World Today...Truth

If you believe that the Polar Ice Caps are Growing, you should read on.
If you believe that the Polar Ice Caps are Melting, you should read on.
The Smartfella has his beliefs about the Polar Ice Caps but he takes no side of either argument in this Foolishness...Or Is It?

The Fella, as always, is on the side of truth. Father Hatrel told me in 1956, “Fella, mathematics is an exact science”. It was then & it still is.
2+2=4. One cannot say, “Fella for you it’s 4 but for me it’s 1,453”. Even if one believes it is 1,453, it is not. It is only 4.
Truth is exact. You cannot have your truth & I have my truth on the same question...Or can u?
Years ago I was Flabbergasted Fella after I heard an “intellectual” discussion on my radio. As so often happens, I blogged about it. Here is a small piece of that blog...
“The Truth Is An Opinion”
I always thought the truth was the truth. I always thought if is not true it is not true. I can imagine the panel discussion on TV where I am being put into my place and lectured down to with such “enlighten wisdom” as...
  • What you fail to understand is there is your truth and there is my truth. You are not seeing the big picture.
  • The next thing you are going to be telling us is facts are certainties. Don’t you understand that there are your facts and there are my facts? The two will always be separate unless and until you agree that my facts are the correct facts and your facts are, in fact, not facts but are hogwash.
  • How did you ever get on this panel? Did I just hear you say that only the farmer who owns the land can plant his crops on that land? Are you serious? You mean to tell me that no one but the person who owns any particular parcel of land can plant crops on that particular parcel of land? Do you really think that is fair?
Back to Polar Ice Caps...
Below are 2 very brief bottom line excerpts of my research for this Blog Posting. Both of them came from Scientists. You know what a Scientist is, don’t you? They deal in Facts. They deal in Truth. That being said, how can Scientists have published these “Truths” within a very few months of each other?
Polar Ice Caps Are Growing... “Satellite instruments measuring the precise extent of the Southern Hemisphere polar ice cap report the polar ice cap has been steadily growing for decades.”
Polar Ice Caps Are Melting...
“Researchers have established the height of the Greenland and Antarctic ice caps with greater precision than ever before. The new maps they have produced show that the ice is melting at an unprecedented rate.”
Both of these big bold statements cannot be true. But where do we go to find out which is true? I know. Let’s go to the scientific community. They always know & speak the truth...Or do they?

Scientific discussion of the not too distant future... That’s not ice on top of the Earth. That’s 1,453.
Would I kid u?