Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Demise Of The Whitman Sampler Is Costing Us Dearly

This is what used to happen when someone sought forgiveness...

  • The Feeling So Badly Person would go to the corner drug store & buy a box of Whitman Sampler Chocolate Candies & bring it to the person from whom they wanted forgiveness.
  • They would approach the person whom they wanted forgiveness from & hand them the Whitman Sampler Chocolate Candies & express their sorrow for having given offense.
  • The offended person would accept the candy & smile & say, “Oh, you did not have to do that. It was nothing”.

For a moment the Forgiveness Seeking Person would think to himself, “Darn! I spent $1.75 & it was nothing!”

This $1.75 thought would be fleeting & both parties would shake hands (Now we hug because that’s what we do today, we hug on every possible occasion) & all would be forgiven.


Fast forward to today...

Last week the Chattanooga Coo Coo decided he was going to go out & shoot as many people as he could. In today’s paper we get this explanation from his family...

“Members of Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez's family believe deep depression and shame over a drunken driving charge may have led him to go on a rampage in which five U.S. servicemen died last week, a source close to the family said on Tuesday.

Substance abuse combined with long-standing psychological issues appears to have stirred up intense religious guilt, driving Abdulazeez to find forgiveness in a violent outburst, they believe.”

There you have it is a proverbial nutshell. He needed forgiveness. In the old days he would have gone & bought a box of chocolates but in the new days he goes out & kills people.

Some say the craziness in the world today is a pendulum & it is going to swing back but the Smartfella has great fear that someone has Super Glued that ole pendulum in place.

Would I kid u?


Lagniappe: I personally think we hug too much but Jana Christy does not agree with me...

“Hugs can be tricky! But you can learn how to hug. Never hug anyone too tight—ouch! And don’t hug too many people at once—uh-oh! You can be a leg hugger or a bear hugger or a surprise hugger. If you don’t want a hug, it’s okay to say so. But if you learn how to give a hug and do it just right, you might get one be ready! Jana Christy’s digital illustrations provide a charming twist to something everyone loves to do.”