Monday, May 04, 2015

I Don't Understand Breasts Anymore

There was a time when I understood the need for female breasts. Ever since the invention of the Baby Nursing Bottle their need is questionable but I do remember their historical importance.

Where am I going with this Blog posting? I'm not sure but I encourage you to read on because, wherever it is, I'll get there &, as usual, you will find Thought Provoking Musings & a bit of Chuckle Humor.


I have been watching the NBA Basketball Playoffs. This is hard to do because my TV is determined to have me watch commercials instead. One of the commercials is about a new Sci-Fi Movie about a Super Robot. What's is different about this robot is it is a she.

In the past, there have always been what appeared to be male robots. Come to think of it, before now, I never gave the sex of the robots in Robot Movies a second thought.

In this movie the robot is definitely female because it/she has breasts. This raises the question, what would a female robot do with breast?

Carrying this Blog Posting’s Silliness to its “logical” conclusion…

  • The movie makers must certainly hang the robots in closets at the end of any movie making day.
  • They can't just leave them laying around the movie set because someone might steal them or they might defect to another movie company on their own.
  • If it's an outdoor shoot & it rains overnight, they will get rusty.
  • With the advent of female robots, are the robots going to start reproducing inside the closet overnight?
  • When the doors are opened in the morning, are there going to be little robots in there?
  • If the female robot is nursing when the door is opened, will she get embarrassed?
  • If she gets embarrassed, will her face turn red?
  • Will the Robots International Union require that the movie making people knock before opening closet the door in the morning?

Oh my gosh! A Robot’s Union! All of a sudden I've gotten past being confused by all of the above & now I am just plain worried!

Would I kid u?