Thursday, April 23, 2015

Get The Hell Out Of My Court!

I plucked these 3 examples of Foolish Law Suits from the Internet. This kind of Silliness ought to not even get into a courtroom. If they did make it in, once the judge figured out what was going on, he ought to have said, "Get the hell out of my court!".

I know why judges don't say what I suggested above. They are afraid they might get sued.

Here are the promised Truly Foolish True Law Suits...

  • When all else fails, sue yourself... A client sued himself for $5 million. He claimed that he had violated his own civil rights and religious beliefs by allowing himself to get drunk and commit crimes which landed him in the jail, serving a 23 year sentence for grand larceny and breaking and entering. What could he possibly have to gain by suing himself? Since being in prison prevented him from having an income, he expected the state to pay.
  • Since when were haunted houses frightening?... A client sued Universal Studios for $15,000. She claimed to have suffered extreme fear, mental anguish, and emotional distress while visiting Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights Haunted House, which she said was scary.
  • Negligent security is a legitimate claim, when you’re the victim, not the perpetrator!... A client sued Providence Hospital for $2 million. He claimed that the hospital was negligent because it had not prevented him from raping one of its patients.

If our Crack Judicial System functioned true to form in the above silly law suits, many months passed, mountains of paperwork were generated, discoveries were issued & complied with out the kazoo, umpteen witnesses were called and the judge never said, "Get the hell out of my court!".

Would I kid u?