Friday, April 17, 2015

We Really Hate To Do It But We Have To Find Offsetting Revenue

Golly Gee! We have no choice but to seek more sources of revenue. The price of Jet Fuel is out of sight!

That's what the Big Wigs in the Airline Industry told us. They looked so sad. The appeared so awfully distressed. We felt sorry for them. We believed them. We said, "It's OK. We understand".

The most obvious & obnoxious revenue enhancement they came up with was Baggage Fees. Even when we found out that the Airline Industry made $5.7 Billion from the collection of Baggage Fees, we said to our collective selves, They really needed that $5.7 Billion because the price of Jet Fuel is so terribly high.

The Smartfella was thinking awhile back that, since the price of Jet Fuel has fallen like a rock, maybe the Airline Industry will be removing those Baggage Fees any day now.

Any Day Now came & went but the Baggage Fees stayed in place. Since I am a man of action, I wrote letters to the CEO's of every U.S. Airline asking when the Baggage Fees were going to be removed.

You probably know by now that when The Fella Asks...The Fella Gets an Answer. Within hours of receiving my letters the Airline Industry had a big video conference & they issued a unified statement about the removal of Baggage Fees. They sent it to me & I am attaching it to this Blog Posting...

Would I kid u?