Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Proof (Again) That I Know What I Am Talking About (Again)

My dream is that you, my dear readers, will stop being skeptical of me & will blindly believe everything I have to say about anything.

Just 2 days ago I told you about how we are being ruled by a Building (the White House)...

Today on the front page of my newspaper there is an article that firms up my seemingly silly contention...

Here are Proof Excerpts from this revealing article...

Ø "winning the endorsement of a reluctant White House"

Ø "The White House said President Barack Obama would sign the legislation"

Ø "The legislation, if enacted, would represent a rare assertion of congressional power over a foreign-policy matter that the White House would have preferred to handle alone."

Ø "The White House had urged Democrats to reject the bill"

Ø "The original bill, opposed by the White House"

Ø "Meanwhile, the White House still faces hurdles in reaching a deal by the June 30 deadline. "

Ø "as the White House escalated its outreach to Capitol Hill"

There you have it. Proof positive that I know of which I speak. Admit that you doubted me. Say you're sorry.

Would I kid u?


Lagniappe: If you want to read the entire article for yourself, click below…