Monday, April 13, 2015

Who Elected This Building? aka: "Structured Government"

Every time we have voted for President we have voted for a person. Once in office the President starts telling us what he (so far it's a he) thinks, intends to do, is going to go, what we ought to do, what we have to do, etc. However, more & more our Elected President is being replaced by an It.

Have you noticed that the Unelected It is in control? Of course you have not but that's why you have me. I do the noticing for you.

We continually read these types of statements in our newspapers...

The White House published new regulations for the banking industry.

The White House has released its long anticipated guidelines for stem cell research.

The White House has clarified of its earlier position on foreign travel restrictions.

Are we being ruled by a Building? If so, that raises very interesting questions...

Ø Is this legal?

Ø Has there been a coup d'état?

Ø Should we be concerned?

Ø Is this even constitutional?

Ø Can we object?

Ø Should we take up arms?

Today all hell broke loose in the halls of congress. Congressmen & Senators were poking holes in the air with their fingers at an alarming rate. The Good Ole USofA is on the brink of a constitutional crisis because our ruler has authorized a new paint job for itself without Congressional Approval.

I told you it was serious.

Would I kid u?