Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What The Heck Is She Doing? By Golly She Is Surfing The Internet! But She Can't Be Doing That There...Or Can She?

Look at the picture below...


This is the best quality I could get taking a picture of a pause in CSPAN.

You are looking at a very serious problem in the Good Ole USofA... People not paying attention while at work because they are distracted by Electronic Devices While At Work.

This one is Extra Special Awful…This happened in the Senate of the United States of America!

This Senator is The One In Charge for the Day...

Ø She is in control.

Ø She bangs that gavel when it is appropriate.

Ø She makes rulings that are very important.

Ø All the other Senators look up to her (while she is looking down).

Periodically she would look up for a moment & act like she was paying attention but I watched her for about 15 minutes & she looked down a lot more than she looked up.

I got so agitated about this that I drove to Washington, D.C. & confronted her in person.

Boy did she put me in my place!

She looked me right in my eyes & said, "I was texting my daughter about making herself a peanut butter & jelly sandwich when she got home from school because the Senators out on the floor were taking an extra long time talking about something or other. My daughter could very well be President of the United States someday. Do you have a prejudice against a female president? You are the kind of bigoted person that has been holding back female progress the last 600 years! You ought to be ashamed of yourself!"

The whole time she was berating me I was backing up. I was completely intimidated. I slithered away & drove back to Georgia. During the whole drive I kept looking in my rear view mirror fearing "they" were coming after me to take me away to put me away.

The whole time she was verbally backing me up, knowing how smart she was, I had fear that she had seen into my true secret inner prejudice against Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches. I really hate those things & I am ashamed of that hate because I know there is no justifiable basis for it.

I'm going to think long & hard before I confront another Senator, much less one who is the Mother of a future President.

Would I kid u?



Lagniappe: Above I stated that the attacking Senator was smart. Did you wonder how I knew she was smart, since I had only just met her? The answer is simple, I knew she was smart because she is a U.S. Senator & they are all smart...Or are they?