Monday, February 16, 2015

A Once Proud Industry Is Being Destroyed

A brief listing of some different types of News Dissemination...

Ø Town Criers walked through streets shouting at people.

Ø Native Americans used Smoke Signals.

Ø People used to stand on Tree Stumps (Boxes in England) to get their message out.

Ø Paul Revere got on his horse & galloped through our villages telling us the British Were Coming.

Eventually we migrated to Podiums. When there were dramatic announcements to be made, the announcement maker stood behind a Podium to let us all know what's going on, what's been agreed to, who we are going to war against, the sad news that a famous celebrity couple has split up, etc.

The people who made the Podiums were a proud lot but not anymore. Towns were built up around their factories. They used to have annual conventions and published their own magazine. Now they are being relegated to the Ash Heap of History along with the Buggy Whip Makers. Now we Tweet to a world chock full of Twits.

This was in my newspaper this past week...

"(Reuters) - President Barack Obama and Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif spoke by telephone on Thursday about counterterrorism and other issues, and agreed to meet, the White House National Security Council said on Twitter."

This is pretty important news. Does it not appear to you to be Stump (or Box in England) or Podium Worthy? Sadly this appears not be the case.

In the future those of us who are not Twits will be left in the dark.

Oh well, that's progress... Or is it?

Would I kid u?